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Monday, September 10, 2007

Linux+Gnome on TV?

Whenever I watch a movie or some TV series and they show a glimpse of a computer screen, I like to freeze the picture and take a look at what it might be (and how credible what they show is, sometimes :D). Recently, I've started watching the Numb3rs show and in the 2nd episode of the first season (Uncertainty Principle) one of the main characters, a genius mathematician, explains a certain search pattern to his colleague from the University using the well-known Mines game. When I saw the sequence, what was on the computer screen seemed familiar, so I froze the frame and I think what you see on screen is GNOME (my guess is that the OS is some version of Ubuntu), here's the screenshot:

Even though it is definitely not the version of Mines shipped with Gnome, I do think the notebook is running Linux. Cool :)

Most people seem to think it's MacOS/X, but I'm still not convinced (being stubborn as I am) :)

It seems it really is MacOS/X... oh well :) Will keep trying!