Wednesday, February 28, 2007

First blog entry ever

Well, it seems this is the end of my blog resistance. Knowing that I will probably be one of the worst bloggers ever I tried to refrain from becoming one, but with the latest change in my life - becoming a Novell employee working on ASP.NET implementation in the Mono team - I should probably fit in and be a good deveblogger.. :)

Anyway, I'll try to blog here about various matters related to Mono in general and ASP.NET under Mono in particular. No promises as to the quality of the entries etc. etc. - complaints will not be accepted :P


Joe said...

Hey Marek,

Congratulations on your new job! I'm so glad to hear that you are full time working on this stuff. I was worried with Gonzalo leaving whether it would slow things down.

Also glad to see you blogging!

And I can be your first ever comment to your first ever post!

All the best,

Joe Audette

marek said...

Thanks Joe for the first comment - this must be a historic moment or what... :)
Let me take the opportunity to let you know that Mojoportal became one of the Mono ASP.NET 2.0 testing suites - it's official!

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