Wednesday, February 28, 2007

PersonalWebSite starter kit

I've just commited the first starter kit ported to work with Mono to the Mono SVN repository. I chose PersonalWebSite kit because it seemed to be the easiest one to deal with.
The kit itself was a no-brainer to port (just one change required - a case-sensitivity issue), but while trying to make it work I discovered that Mono implementation of SqlRoleProvider (and SqlMembershipProvider) were broken. The symptom was a parsing error returned by the SQLExpress 2005 server - at first I thought the bug was in the Mono.Data.Tds provider, but as Shana discovered, it turned out to be a problem with the providers mentioned above. The bug was that the providers were setting up stored procedure calls in a wrong way. Andreia fixed it in the current svn head of Mono.
There's one known issue at this point, namely the registration fails to work. It is a problem with our wizard control, which I will be looking into soon.
You can check out the ported starter kit together with instructions from the extras svn repository.

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