Tuesday, September 11, 2007

AJAX Control Toolkit: broken samples work now

Since the last update I have fixed all the remaining bugs and all the samples work now just the way they do on MS.NET. To run all the Toolkit samples, you will need mono from svn trunk, at revision 85628 or newer. As a reminder, the samples that didn't previously work were:
  • CascadingDropDown. The reason it didn't work was that Mono's WebServiceParser incorrectly treated the paths passed to it.
  • Filtered TextBox. The reason this one didn't work was a problem in the way TemplateControlCompiler treated arguments of type Type in the GenerateObjectInstance method: it would generate code to instantiate an internal type System.MonoType instead of the (correct) typeof expression.
  • HoverMenu. Fix for this one was a change in the logic which dealt with controls inside templates (see this post)
  • ListSearch. This one required implementation of the System.Web.Extensions.Design assembly as well as a few missing pieces of the System.Design one. I've added stubs for all of the missing pieces to mono svn trunk.
  • NumericUpDown. This one was made to work by the same WebServiceParser fix mentioned above.
  • ReorderList. Frankly, forgot what fixed this one :)
  • AutoComplete. This sample deserves a special mention. It still doesn't work for me, but Daniel Nauck reported it works for him with FireFox 2, Opera and IE7 on both Windows and Linux, with Mono from svn trunk. So I'll assume it works too and that there's some client issue on my side.
Shown below is a screencast demoing all the above samples (except for the AutoComplete one, of course). You will also note a JavaScript error at the end of the screencast - it happens every now and then, but it is probably a glitch in FireFox (at least in my copy) and it doesn't affect the demo:


ReverseBlade said...

One sentence: Marek you are god like!

julien said...

Great news!

Would it be possible to publish an archive of the working example for Mono?

Thank you

Esben Steffensen said...

Hi there
Where can i finde info on how to get the ajax control toolkit to work with mono?