Friday, September 7, 2007

AJAX Control Toolkit Update: what doesn't work

Since yesterday, the following samples started to work:

  • HoverMenu. The result this one wasn't working was twofold. First, there was a bug in our implementation of TemplateControlCompiler which incorrectly exposed all the controls contained in a template marked with the TemplateInstance.Single attribute if any of template children was marked that way. The correct action is to expose only those controls which are either direct children of such template or whose parent containers are templates themselves (unless the parents bear the attribute, of course). Fixed in svn commit to revision 85473. The second problem was non-portable coding in the Toolkit itself. To make the sample work you need to modify the App_Code/TodoXmlDataObject.cs:

    Line 92 should read:
    get { return Path.Combine(RootPath, String.Format ("App_Code{0}TodoItems.xsd.orig", Path.DirectorySeparatorChar)); }

    Line 204 should read:
    get { return Path.Combine(RootPath, String.Format ("App_Data{0}TodoItems.xml", Path.DirectorySeparatorChar)); }
    On line 92 the TodoItems.xsd.orig should be the name of the file you renamed TodoItems.xsd into.
  • FilteredTextBox. This one will work if you modify code starting at line 47 in the FilteredTextBox/FilteredTextBox.aspx file and remove either the Custom or the Numbers string together with the comma from the value of the FilterType attribute. It is not, of course a fix, but a workaround to show that the sample does (generally) work. Fix will come soon.
  • AutoComplete. It has every right not to work, because it doesn't work when the toolkit is running under MS.NET either. The webservice works correctly (which you can confirm by visiting http://localhost:8080/AutoComplete/AutoComplete.asmx directly).
The rest of the fixes must wait till after the weekend.

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