Sunday, March 4, 2007

MojoPortal progress - it's really functional now

With the recent svn commit (revision 73669) Mono is now able to handle running MojoPortal with the menu enabled:

You can see the menu just above the Links section on the left. It is bound to a custom site map provider and accessed via a SiteMapDataSource control defined in the associated master page file.

The problem was with the way HierarchicalDataBoundControl looked for data source named by the DataSourceID property. It considered only the control's NamingContainer instead of working up the naming container chain and thus not reaching the associated master page.


Joe said...

Marek, you are awesome!

I'm getting the latest Mono from svn now.


m said...

Man, those screenshots are too tiny, we could use a wider screenshot ;-)

So is MojoPortal fully functional?


marek said...

I'm being enviromentally conscious and I don't burn bandwidth :D
Seriously, I've found one other bug with MojoPortal tonight and I'll look into it tomorrow.
For the moment, it seems that the portal is pretty much working without problems on Mono.